Wiping Poo Poo Point

2009 TNAB Poo Poo Point Equinox

yukon photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on NWHikers.net ~ special thanks to Magnum (Chris) for this week’s write-up

magnum video used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Poo Poo Point Information

Poo Poo Point Trailface Yukon
Distance & Elevation: 3.45 miles round trip and 1785′ gain
NOAA Weather Forecast: click here
Google Driving Directions: *Chirico Trail Parking Lot*

1. Head southeast on I-90 E toward Exit 17 1.0 mi
2. Take exit 17 for Front St 0.3 mi
3. Merge onto Front St N 1.8 mi
4. Continue on Issaquah Hobart Rd SE 1.1 mi

Trail head is at the hang-glider landing area visible from the road on your left just after passing SE 113th St



7 Responses to “Wiping Poo Poo Point”

  1. Marie says on :

    I will soo be there. Just to clarify, do we meet at the Chirico trail – parking lot…or do we meet at the high school parking lot?? Look forward to meeting you all!

  2. yukon says on :

    The mileage is roundtrip – elevation gain is total climb up to the viewpoint so figure on 1.72 miles oneway and 1755′ gain. Roughly 1,000′ per mile which is just a little bit steeper than Mt Si trail.

  3. Magnum says on :

    WARNING: traffic cameras sending automated tickets for over 20MPH along the road past Issaquah High School, so be sure to cover your license plates with something on the way in.

  4. carla says on :

    Are there any more specific directions to the chirico trailhead?
    I’ve never been there before, and am unsure of what to do after step 4 above…..

  5. Jo says on :

    Added a little visual aid from Google Maps to mark the parking lot, so no one gets lost before we even get started ;^)

  6. runningbird says on :

    I reading on line reports that 3.7 is one way – roundtrip 7.4. Can anyone reslove this difference for me? Thanks!

  7. Jo says on :

    The high school route which we are not taking is approx 7.4mi, the Chirico Trail route that we’re using tonight shaves nearly 4mi from the hike.