Grandeur on Granite


Yukon222 photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

2009 Granite Mt Pre-NABers

ellerbarbara photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

In order to respect the Alpine Lakes Wilderness group size regulations we staggered our TNAB summit bids throughout the day. Thanks for all that stepped up to the request for Pre-NABers, with this heat you really took one for the team!

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on ~ special thanks to settlehikertoo for this week’s write-up

*88 degrees at 6pm 6.4.2009

Granite Mt Information:


*map is an approximation of our route, which may follow the boulder field near the top as opposed to dropping into the basin (snow permitting).

Distance & Elevation: 8.6 miles with 3800′ elevation gain

NOAA Weather: click here

NWForest Pass Required for Parking

Driving directions to Pratt Lake Trail Head:
44.0 mi – about 41 mins
I-90, Seattle, King, Washington 98144
1. Head east on I-90
4.0 mi
2. Take the exit onto I-90 E toward Issaquah/Spokane
39.0 mi
3. Take exit 47 toward NFD 5800 Rd
0.5 mi
4. Turn left at NFD 5800 Rd
0.1 mi
5. Turn left at National Forest Develop Rd 9034

Destination will be on the left
0.3 mi
Pratt Trail Head


Granite Mt TR 2008 winter: click here

Granite Mt TR 2008 summer: click here

7 Responses to “Grandeur on Granite”

  1. BarbE says on :

    I’ll pre-NAB this one. Maybe as early as 4:30.
    I’ll plan for a slow pace and lot’s of time at the summit before the fast group arrives.
    A carpool from East Gate/Issaquah or North Bend would be good.


  2. mNTSUn says on :

    I will be pnab as well – what time should we set for eastgate pnab carpool meeting time?

  3. BarbE says on :

    mNTSUn-I’ve decided to head up much earlier in the day with friends.
    Maybe we’ll run into some pre-nabers on the way down.

  4. Jo says on :

    if you head up early, email me your summit shot pretty please ~Jo

  5. yukon says on :

    Guess with all of these pre-NAB’ers, I’ll be hiking up by myself tomorrow night!! 😉

  6. ewb says on :

    It’s like a pre-NAB arms race. Maybe I’ll just start this afternoon. 🙂

  7. Stefan says on :

    Short of taking a toboggan, I was looking forward to a long fun glissade down. But it looks like it’s going to be hot… and mushy. Almost too fair weather for this fair weather friend… is solar power whimping me out?? or does maybe someone have a crummy old snowboard i could borrow?