Powering Up Pratt Mt

pratt mt

Yukon222 photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

video courtesy of Malachai Constant please respect all copyrights

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on NWHikers.net ~ special thanks to yukon222 for this week’s write-up

Pratt Mt Information:


*map is an approximation of Pratt via Talapus/Olallie Lake

Distance & Elevation: estimate 5 miles round trip and 2200 ft elev gain

NOAA Weather: click here

4wd may be required to access the trail head. If you need a lift up the rough parts please get to the base of the hill by 5:35 and hopefully someone can grab you on their way by. As usual we’ll meet at the trail at 5:45 and head up by 6pm.

NW Forest Pass required to park

Google Driving Directions to NFD 9030 Rd :

45.2 mi– about 51 mins

I-90, Seattle, King, Washington 98144
1. Head east on I-90
4.0 mi
2. Take the exit onto I-90 E toward Issaquah/Spokane
37.1 mi
3. Take exit 45 toward USFS Rd 9030
0.3 mi
4. Turn left at Lookout Point Rd
0.9 mi
5. Turn right at NFD 9030 Rd
3.0 mi
Unknown road


2008 Pratt Mt TR: click here

9 Responses to “Powering Up Pratt Mt”

  1. yukon says on :

    Several washouts on the road. A 2WD pick-up truck could make it with a skillful driver. Subaru, SUV or fullsize truck can make it. Might get a few tree branches brushing against the vehicle as one squeezes by the washed out sections. Standard car will scrape bottom and sides – highly recommend NOT bringing a car to the trailhead.

    The first tough washout is only about 1/3 mile up from the 9030/9031 intersection – room there to pull off to one side if you have a car and want to grab a ride from someone for the remaining 2 miles.

    Forest Service website updated June 4 says the “Road has areas of washout due to heavy storm damage. Use caution! Caution: some flood damage remains on this road.” Accurate statement.

  2. ewb says on :

    Thanks for the info, yukon.

    I need to preNAB, so I’ve decided against parking short of the Talapus Lake trailhead and walking the road. Instead I’m going to approach via the Pratt Lake trailhead below Granite at exit 47. Given the length of the likely 9030 road walk, and my likely failure to summit anyway, it probably doesn’t add much to the total. Also, reading through old TNAB reports it seems one or more folks have accidentally exited via this route when returning from Pratt Mtn anyway, so I’ll just go ahead and sacrifice myself upfront. 🙂

    Hope to intersect you all somewhere short of the Pour House!

  3. yukon says on :

    Ewb, I’d suggest you consider driving up 9030 that 1/4 mile past the 9031/9030 interchange to just before the 1st washout. You’d only have a 2 mile road walk from there up to the TH. Should be significantly shorter than coming in via Granite. And you might be able to get a ride up if someone else is going early and a possible ride on the way back down. But your choice obviously.

    BTW, the Forest Service website says the road is OPEN. But when I went thru this morning, there were two small barricades off to one side of the pavement down near the highway. One of them said “closed” – no idea why since the website says the road is open and the FS posted a “watch out for road damage ahead” sign coming downhill from the Talapus trailhead. Might be just leftover signs from when they finally fixed that large hole at the end of the pavement.

  4. Stefan says on :


    I would love to carpool with someone. I’m on Beacon Hill, but could meet at Eastgate P&R or wherever…

    I was on the Mailbox Peak hike; the one who started way late but made it up before the sun went down… just so you know who I am.

    you can e me: stefan at octopistudio dot com, or leave a message here.

    Thanks! – Stefan

  5. ewb says on :

    Yukon, thanks, I’ll consider it. However, my measure shows the Granite approach as 1-1.5 miles shorter (one way) than a 9030 road walk, depending on where I’d wind-up starting from. I’m also figuring on not making the summit, so if it does prove longer that’ll be okay as I really need the exercise. 🙂

  6. Malachai says on :

    I will be going through probably between 4:40 and 5pm with a dark blue 4-runner and will give a ride to anyone who does not look to sketchy 😉

  7. Stefan says on :

    the No Leaders mail says “carpools are encouraged” but I’ve had zero response… Does everybody just do their own thing when it comes to driving to the trailhead? or is everyones car already full? Is it a matter of scheduling?
    I don’t mind pitching in for gas…

  8. yukon says on :

    Stefan, I think there are several people that are going early, others that are already on the eastside past the Eastgate parking lot and don’t want to backtrack, others that aren’t planning on immediately heading back to the Eastgate parking lot after the hike (and wouldn’t be able to drop you off), etc.

    Carpooling is tough to coordinate; most people’s schedules are tight enough that it is hard to even get to the trailhead on time without making another stop along the way. Good luck! Hope you are able to find a solution.

  9. Stefan says on :

    thanks yukon –
    just remembered I had a carpool number from the Mailbox hike, so I called them, and if it all works out as planned I’ll see you on the trail!