Showing Defiance

1st-group Defiance

2nd-group Defiance

Yukon222 photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on ~ special thanks to ewb for this week’s write-up

Mt Defiance Information:

**Please note we have changed the starting point for this week’s hike and will no longer be heading up from TInkham.  Instead we’ll take Exit 45 and Road 9031 up to the Ira Spring TH as far as we can.  Route will be up the Old Trail to Mason Lake, then up to Mt Defiance.


The red line is an approximation of our route.

Distance & Elevation: estimate 7.2 miles round trip and 3450′ elevation gain

NOAA Weather: click here

Road has some washout damage, please drive as close to the trail head as is safe.


2008 Mt Defiance TR: click here

4 Responses to “Showing Defiance”

  1. chris (omega) says on :

    what time are we meeting at the “trailhead” (and I use the term “trailhead” loosely) ?

  2. yukon says on :

    545pm should be the target time to have the vehicle parked. A few minutes to get the stuff together, then head up to the official TH.

    Will be leaving from the official TH parking lot at 6pm so plan on 5 minutes of road walking or so from the point that most vehicles are currently parking at (just 1/8 to 1/4 mile from the official parking lot).

  3. Recon (Bob) says on :

    Any PNAB intell on post holing, snowshoes, etc?

  4. yukon says on :

    Nothing definite for this area but I am planning on just boots and trek poles. No snowshoes or crampons or ice axe. Snow, likely in patches up high, should be firm with only a posthole or two on the edges of talus.

    Let someone else go on point and take a few for the TNAB team, then glide up past them while they struggle out of the posthole. 🙂