Hiking It’s Kilt on McClellan Butte

mcclellan butte

yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

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McClellan Butte Information:


Black line is Road 9020, blue is hiking trail

Distance & Elevation: 7.3 miles round trip and 3300′ gain

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Driving Directions:

We’ll be using the shortcut by driving up FS Road 9020 towards Alice Creek.  Take Exit 38, turn right at bottom of exit and head east on the paved road.  Go past Olallie State Park.  Just before the road gets back close to I-90 (and where the entrance to the Fire Training Center is), look for a gravel road off to the right.  Should be about 1.8 miles from the exit.  It is Road 9020 but I don’t think there is a road number at the turn.  Stay on that gravel road for approx 2.7 miles as it climbs up the hillside, dipping beneath the big power lines several times.  Look for hiking trail off to your right (road is slightly wider here and cars park along the shoulder).  If you go 1/4 mile too far, you’ll hit the dead end at the wash-out at Alice Creek.  We intersect the official trail at the parking area  – elevation around 2200′.

2008 McClellan Butte TR: click here

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  1. Malachai says on :

    Did anyone lose a trekking pole basket just before the scramble?