Surveying the 3 Peaks of Guye


2009 Zephyr on North Summit of Guye

yukon430sw photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

2009 Guye Peaks

zephyr photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

temp: snoqualmie pass was 87 degrees with 30% humidity at 6pm according to

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on ~ special thanks to Magnum for this week’s write-up

Guye Peak Information:


Distance & Elevation: 2.5 miles round trip and 2400′ gain

We will follow the same route as to Snoqualmie Mountain but around 4200′-4300′ the terrain will flatten slightly (sort of a trail intersection with Snoqualmie Mtn to left and Guye Peak to the right).  Rising traverse through talus to the right and you will work your way farther up the mountain.  Boot path becomes a bit better defined up higher. Last year there was a small tarn next to the trail before the final ridge climb, then continue to follow the boot path to the North Summit. There is a straight forward Class 2 scramble to the northern (easiest) summit but if you want to tag all 3 summits please be capable of Class 3 scrambling on exposed rock.  There are a couple of tricky spots getting to the Middle summit and the South summit (actual high point). Rope may be placed for an assist, no harnesses necessary.

NOAA Weather: click here

NW forest parking pass is required at the TH

Driving Directions:


Meet at Southeast end of Alpental parking lot

2008 Guye Peak TR: click here

8 Responses to “Surveying the 3 Peaks of Guye”

  1. Erik says on :

    Mason Lake, Island Lakes? No rain, no snow, no cold and no HEAT should stop the TNAB.

    The NOAA forecast is questionable. Probably low to mid 90s in the valleys near sea-level. There is a T-storm risk on Thurs, but naturally, the NWS and NOAA won’t mention them until they actually happen. There will only be about 2 to 2.5 degrees difference per 1000 feet of elev gain if we are lucky. Being on a north facing slope will probably give us 5 degrees relief.

  2. Jo says on :

    Looks like Guye may come out on top for tomorrow, but I’ll be hiking and swimming at Rattlesnake Ledges & Lake pre-Pour House.

  3. Recon (Bob) says on :

    There were a few refreshing breezes up there last night.

  4. ewb says on :

    Just getting back from the coast tonight, so I won’t be joining. Best of luck and everyone be careful up there!

  5. Erik says on :

    But a horrific blister can stop TNAB. Don’t think I can make this one.

  6. Jo says on :

    Recon lives up to his name, here are some recent conditions

  7. yukon says on :

    Hot up there last night. About 91° at the TH but cooled off perhaps 10° near the summit. Very light winds. Some pics here (Josie will put the 2 summit pics up on the main page later today)

  8. zephyr says on :

    Thanks for including me in the photos guys on Guye. Looks like I am hanging in mid-air. Really wanted to be over there with you all, but arrived too late and out of breath. I’ll post an adventure report on NWHikers later. Meanwhile, it did allow me to catch some terrific photos of YOU all. Thanks, ewb for posting on NWH.