Red Mt Rocked

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Red Mountain Information:


Park at the main trail head and head up the PCT trail for 50 yards or so.  Look for unofficial boot path off to your left through brush.  Expect 1 or 2 creek crossings farther as you continue on the common wealth basin trail. The trail splits with the right branch heading back towards the PCT, but instead follow the signage towards Red Pass. After you make the jog to the left on the hillside while still on the trail (just above Red Pond) head directly up slope to the summit (don’t go to Red Pass at all). It is a freestyle up the 30° face for 800′ vertical, no real path, just meander your way up.

Distance & Elevation: 6 miles round trip and 2800′ gain

NOAA Weather: click here

NW forest parking pass is required at the TH


We’ll be taking off from the main PCT trailhead at Snoq Pass where you take the Alpental exit but then turn right on the small forest road near the highway, before you start heading very far towards Alpental. Park at the lower area with the clearly signed trail head.

**Bring your ‘brain buckets’ and remember to be cautious of rock fall on those below you**

2008 Red Mt TR: click here

11 Responses to “Red Mt Rocked”

  1. yukon222 says on :

    Aaahh, cooler temps and a few clouds. Maybe finally a chance for some nice TNAB sunset pictures!

  2. mNTSUn says on :

    Anyone interested in carpooling from eastgate?

  3. kirbinator says on :

    any ideas of how far and elevation to top?

  4. Colleen says on :

    Troy, I’d be down with carpooling from eastgate. Let me know what time, I’d also be up for an earlier start if you wanted.

  5. yukon says on :

    Kirbinator, elevation and distance info were shown as a separate line just after the route description. About 6 miles round trip and 2800′ gain.

  6. The Angry Hiker says on :

    Good luck stumbling down that crumbly rock pile in the dark! Bahahahaaa!

  7. Nature Man says on :

    Is anyone meeting at Eastgate at 5PM today? Would like to carpool up. Thanks.

  8. kirbinator says on :

    Hey I’d like to meet up at Eastgate to carpool too! I have never met people there before so what is the place to meet? time? here is my cell 206-383-0703

  9. yukon says on :

    Not sure, Kirbinator. I think historically they met on the south side of I-90 between the bank building and Albertson’s grocery store (lots of parking there in the lot and far enough from Albertson’s front door and the bank door to not bother either of their customers). I’m already on the North Bend side of town so I won’t be up at Eastgate to carpool. Hopefully some of the others will give you a call.

  10. ewb says on :

    Probably too late to matter, but wanted to note that I’m out tonight – feet busted with bad PF, will need another week or two to recover. Really wanted Red Mtn, too. 🙁

    Will stop by the Pour House after, though, to say ‘hey’. Be careful!

  11. Jo says on :

    What a great turnout at Pour House tonight! Thanks again for the brownies Damon and heal quick EWB ~Jo