Wright Mt, Wrong Weather


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Trip report, comments & additional pictures on NWHikers.net ~ special thanks to Yukon222 for this week’s write-up

Gem Lake & Wright Mt Information:

gem lake

Distance & Elevation to Gem: 8.2 mi & 3,050 ft elev (including return counter elev)

Distance & Elevation including Wright: 9.2 mi & 3,650 ft elev

NOAA Weather: click here

NW forest parking pass is required at the TH


2008 Wright Mt TR: click here

16 Responses to “Wright Mt, Wrong Weather”

  1. Malachai says on :

    I am interested to see if anyone is interested in a one way over to Chair Peak Lake and down to Denny Creek TH.

  2. ewb says on :

    MC, I’m still not hiking, but am interested in getting out and wandering around some for a little exercise, so I’d be happy to provide shuttle service between THs if you get any takers. Just let me know if I can help.

  3. Jo says on :

    Heard rumor that Running Bird lost a gold necklace at the Red Mt trailhead last week and is in search of it. The cross on necklace has initials CLX engraved on back. If anyone spied it or picked it up please let me know and I’ll pass the information along to her. Thanks ~Jo

  4. Rich (meandmyaussies) says on :

    Won’t be able to make it tonight but am hoping to do this trip early Saturday morning. Do you know that the mileage/elevation gain to Gem is? Just Snow? Thanks!

  5. Jo says on :

    Think the trip to Snow is about 6mi round trip, not sure on elev gain & loss for that one.

  6. yukon says on :

    Rich, here’s the FS link to Snow Lake hike. It would be 3 miles one-way and 1700 gain (plus regain 700′ on way back for 2400′ total).


  7. Stefan says on :

    I was gonna go this week but I dunno. The sun keeps setting sooner and the hikes keep getting longer… What’s up with that?? Y’all a bunch a masochists? which I guess is another persons fun, heh heh… Me, I’m wimpin’ out, been up that trail too many times. Have fun!!

  8. yukon says on :

    Hike selection is a function of snow on the ground (early season stays away from Snoq Pass), sunset time, hike distance, etc.

    Longer hikes? These are the golden days of summer; what’s not to like about being out a touch longer? Or just hike faster. 😉

  9. Stefan says on :

    golden days of summer… I like your optimism!

    Longer, faster, 😉 indeed

  10. Ingunn says on :

    Is it really only 8 miles RT to Gem? My guidebook says almost 11 to Gem and 8 (I’ll admit that one sounds high, but I refuse to subtract anything from my hike-a-thon mileage damnit!) miles to Snow.

    I’ve been looking forward to this one but I’m stuck at home with some sort of swine flu or hog syndrome (or just a plain cold).

  11. Jo says on :

    Not one to refute charity, the sign at the Snow Lake Trail says 3 miles to lake (so 6 rnd trip) it may actually be less than a mile from there to Gem. It sure felt like more than 10 round trip to Wright last year ;^) Be interesting to see what the GPS tracks from tonight say.

  12. Malachai says on :

    My Topo! path says 3.1 mi to the turnoff to the Middle fork then 1.4 to the Gem junction. Less than 0.5 mi to the top of Wright. that gives 5 mi. one way which would match with fast folks doing it in 2 hr (they were not running). Sure seemed to take forever to come down.

  13. yukon says on :

    A bit more than 5 miles up to Wright seems likely. We were moving fairly quickly and got up there in 1:55. While the trail is rocky in places and keeps the speed down, I think we were moving at 2.5mph at a minimum. Closer to 3mph for a lot of it. ZeusDaddy had his GPS but is heading out on a big trip today so he might not be able to tell us what it showed.

    MC, while we were on the Wright Mtn summit, yes, someone certainly did lengthen the trail. 🙂 Same result last year, took longer time wise to get out than go in. Even though you are going downhill most of the time. Darkness explains part of it. But the mystery trail-lengthener who goes around all the forest trails extending them for people’s return trips is responsible for most of it.

  14. zeusdaddy says on :

    Trail data I have seen says 3 miles to snow, 2 more to Gem. Plus .5 or so to top of Wright. That makes 11 round trip. GPS said 11.5 miles. Felt like it too. GPS is usually shy of actuals… so I am sticking with 11.5 miles round trip!!!

  15. Ingunn says on :

    Yukon, blame it on the gnomes!

  16. zephyr says on :

    Thanks for clarifying that zeusdaddy. My mileage count from the Green Trails Map 2075 gives me a very similar result. I’ve always considered that to be at least an eleven-miler and didn’t want to believe that earlier report on 9 miles. 😉

    It was great seeing you all arrive last night on that cold, rainy summit. Adversity loves company. 😉