A Whale of a Time on Humpback Mt

2009 Humpback Mt

chrisjen photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on NWHikers.net ~ special thanks to Magnum for this week’s write-up

Humpback Mt Information:

We’ll be using the upper road option to avoid traipsing through the mining claims.

Distance & Elevation: 6 miles & 2200′ from upper road, 5 miles & 2700′ from lower road.

NOAA Weather: click here

NW forest parking pass may be required at the TH


2008 Humpback TR: click here


10 Responses to “A Whale of a Time on Humpback Mt”

  1. yukon says on :

    So we’ll be using the Alternate Start on the upper road (dotted red). Slightly longer but a little less elevation gain. And as Josie mentioned, we won’t have to go thru the mining claims on the lower road.

  2. zephyr says on :

    Hey, does anyone know what the road conditions are like on FS 5510 these days? Can it be driven in a sedan?

    Thanks. ~z~

  3. yukon says on :

    Yes, the main Hansen Creek road is in good condition and easily drivable by standard car. Typical Forest Service gravel road; a few potholes and washboards here and there.

  4. zephyr says on :

    Terrific. Thanks!

  5. MNTSUN says on :

    Booo, no TNAB for me this week again!

  6. Erik says on :

    A little late, but what about doing a lake hike instead?

  7. yukon says on :

    Can’t hit the timing all the time! 😉 Due to the numerous road closures earlier this year (Middle Fork Road, Hansen Creek, Ira Spring, etc), the schedule had to be adjusted several times.

    It isn’t desired to change the schedule as some TNAB’ers are only able to make it to a few hikes. And it is possible they put certain destinations/dates on their calendar so it isn’t “fair” to move events unless absolutely necessary.

    We did have a nice tarn 2 weeks at Guye – no one swam.

    We had two very nice lakes last week at Snow and Gem plus several tarns – no one swam.

    Next week, there will be two nice lakes plus several tarns.

    This week, Hansen Creek will be nice and icy cold if one wants to try it.

  8. Malachai says on :

    If someone really wanted to they could go to Scout Lake just up the road.

  9. ewb says on :

    Still healing – gonna try biking SVT to NB, maybe Pour House later if I survive. Be safe all!

  10. Jo says on :

    We’ll be TNAB Lite @ Rattlesnake Ledges just after 5pm with a PourHouse follow up. Have a great climb gang!