Roaming Rampart Ridge

2009 TNAB Rampart

yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on ~ special thanks to Yukon222 for this week’s write-up

Rampart Ridge Information:


Distance and Elevation: 4.4 miles round trip , 2150 ft elev gain

NOAA Weather: Rampart Ridge

Driving Directions: Exit at Hyak driving NE for a short distance then turn SE onto Gold Creek Rd (NFD 4832). Go approx 2.5 miles until the road changes to gravel, then continue on gravel turning left approx 4.3 m from freeway at unmarked fork (NFD 136). Take a right at the next fork (est. 5.5 m from leaving I-90) and park in open area at the hairpin turn (total distance 6.2 m). Please be aware that previous drivers have noted that this road has minor washouts and heavy brush that may scratch your vehicle.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area: please respect all rules and regulations

2008 Rampart Ridge TR: click here


9 Responses to “Roaming Rampart Ridge”

  1. Jo says on :

    Great additional information and driving directions provided by M. Griffith available here

  2. Magellan says on :

    Supposed to be warm up that way!

  3. zephyr says on :

    Wow. This looks like a good one. I can’t make it though. I’m getting ready for a trip out of town and will miss the following TNAB too. 🙁

    See you second week in September though.

  4. Erik says on :

    Would love to go on this one, but again, I have conflicts. This time, it’s my parents. They are flying in from CT (that’s Connecticut). I guess that warrants missing a Thurs night hike.

  5. Nature Man says on :

    Anyone up for carpooling from Seattle or the Eastside? Offering $10 gas $ and access to carpool lane.

  6. Malachai says on :

    Perhaps we should reconsider posting reports on nwhikers

  7. meandmyaussies says on :

    Just read your TR – looks like a great trip. Sorry I missed it…and that folks felt like they had to crap all over your TR. My nagging lower-extremity injuries are taking longer to heal than expected but hoping to get back out there next week. Denny Mtn, right? :p

  8. Jo says on :

    Such is the nature of posting in an open forum, people will voice their opinions and others will respond. Unfortunately, this blog isn’t a great spot for reports that include everyone’s pictures. So for now I think we shake the hand that hosts us.

  9. zephyr says on :

    Wow… Just checked out the trip report. Looks like I missed a great one. Some beautiful country. Course if I had a’gone, then I’d be adding to the problem. 🙁

    We certainly need to be careful about the impact and also maybe a bit more circumspect in our depictions. I was surprised at all the negativity. Lessons learned.