Quickie on Catherine

2009 Mt Catherine

yukon222 photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trip report, comments & additional pictures on NWHikers.net ~ special thanks to Wxman for this week’s write-up

Mt Catherine Information:

Distance & Elevation: 3 miles round trip & approx. 1300 ft elev gain

Current NOAA Weather: Mt Catherine

Driving Directions (from WTA):

From Seattle, drive east on I-90 to Hyak (exit 54). At the bottom of the ramp check your odometer, then turn right, followed by a left onto a gravel road leading into a broad parking lot at the base of the ski area. Stay left as you cross the parking lot and find a road (signed “Hyak Estates Drive”) leading east out of the center of the parking lot. Continue east through a series of vacation homes and public works buildings. The road soon turns to gravel and becomes Forest Road 9070. Continue up the road past the ******* to a small parking area signed Mt Catherine, about 8.5 miles from the freeway. The trail is BEFORE the Tinkam-Silver Peak Trail.

2008 TR: Mt Catherine

21 Responses to “Quickie on Catherine”

  1. ewb says on :

    I’m going to start early and get an additional 1.4 miles and 850′ by coming up via Cold Creek / Twin Lakes. See you on top!

  2. zephyr says on :

    You may have to start this morning, since you’ll be going in the wrong direction. Check your map. 😉

  3. stefan says on :

    I would love to carpool if anyone is heading out from Seattle. I can meet you wherever (I’m on Beacon Hill) and help pay for gas. 206.2nine0-3twotwo4. Thanks!

  4. ewb says on :

    My TOPO!, she no lie! And for doubting her, I shall now bum a ride from you back to my car! Prorsum et Sursum! 😛

  5. zephyr says on :

    Dueling topos. Perhaps mine is the culprit then since it doesn’t show the trail you are describing.

    Meet me on top and you can ride down from Windy Pass to your car. Semper Paratus!

  6. mNTSUn says on :

    I can give a ride from Eastgate.

  7. stefan says on :

    hey thanks for offering a ride mNTSUn!
    What time from Eastgate?

  8. stefan says on :

    just got a call from mNTSUn… not going to chance it on the backroads in his rental car, and I can’t justify driving to the other side of the pass for a 3 mile hike, tho it would have been good to see you on the trail Jo and everybody else too. Have fun!
    Apropos – it’d be nice to have a regular carpool option in place, like I’m told there used to be. Seems like it should go hand in hand with what TNAB is all about. We don’t want those glaciers receding anymore than they are, right?

  9. Jo says on :

    The No Leaders portion of TNAB all live further up the I-90 corridor than past TNAB non-organizers so prob won’t be a permanently established carpool from Eastgate again. But feel free to keep using the comments section to hook up for rides.

  10. stefan says on :

    hmmmm, so if the No Leaders don’t need it, it’s not needed?

    I’d be glad to help out.

  11. Jo says on :

    Basically if you need a carpool, go ahead and organize one. In a leaderless organization there is no one to make arrangements to drive you places ;^) Maps and blogs and directions and carpools are all just an added bonus to getting out on a Thursday. In the past people met at Eastgate if they were interested in a carpool and if no one showed on that particular Thursday they simply drove themselves to the trail. It was never a guaranteed ride, just a happy coincidence that a non-leader passed that way en route to I-90.

  12. stefan says on :

    “if you need a carpool,”
    I don’t *need* a carpool, but I do think, given the environmental and economic benefits, that they are a very good idea.

    “go ahead and organize one”
    That’s precisely what I’ve been doing, and continue to try to do more effectively. I’m certainly not asking anyone “to make arrangements to drive (me) places.” The last TNAB I went to I drove *and* it was a carpool.

    I’ve mentioned it before that I really appreciate all the work you put into (non) organizing and the running of this blog Jo. Seriously. I think we all do.

    I’m not asking you or anyone to do more. I’m just looking for a more effective and efficient way to organize carpooling. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, I know there are other TNAB’ers who would appreciate this as well.

    It seems that with all the technology at our disposal, that there must be a better way of doing this. I’ve begun by googling “online carpool solutions.” Any leads or further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Jo says on :

    TNAB has such a great way of de-stressing the week, thanks everyone (it was a fantastic evening). I appreciate your thanks for the web work Stefan and am excited to see your carpool efforts begin to bear fruit in the upcoming season of Thursday adventures.

  14. Schmidt Alti-Babe says on :

    Anyone pick up a pair of gloves and hat at the TH this evening? I accidentally set them down and forgot to pick them up.

  15. ewb says on :

    SAB, I didn’t but am heading back this weekend with the family to share the view and will look around for them.

  16. Jon says on :

    Had a great time see you all next thursday.

  17. zephyr says on :

    Okay. It’s Saturday afternoon. Where’s Yukon’s most excellent group photo? Maybe he’s out enjoying this afternoon rain.

  18. yukon says on :

    Jo updates this TNAB blog. I sent her the summit pic Friday morning but she is traveling so the site might not get updated for a day or so.

    Here’s a link to it – http://www.flickr.com/photos/8246712@N03/3934516448/

  19. Malachai says on :

    Lynda and I went up today. We picked up the hat and gloves, will bring on Thursday. They were soaked but I put it on our boot dryer.

  20. zephyr says on :

    Awesome. Total awesomeness for the group photo, Yukon. Such happy folk and canine crew. You got us. 🙂

  21. Schmidt Alti-Babe says on :

    Malachai – that’s awesome. Thanks so much! I will be out on an extended backpack with Jeremy and Steve, but Josie said she’d pick up the gloves and hat from you this Thursday.