Rattlesnake Ledge & Lake Equinox

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All good things must come to an end…

And this week we will be sharing the celebration of Thursday nights atop a peak with all the TNAB ‘family’.

Rattlesnake Lake and Ledges is the venue for our final TNAB to mark the Equinox and close the 2009 season of nocturnal mountain adventures. Trail head meet up at 5:45 and a rapid ascent to the top begins at 6pm with a group shot for posterity.

Then it’s back to the lake to share some eats & treats, stories and future plans. There will be at least one BBQ at the lake for a post hike tailgate party so please bring whatever sates your stomach to be grilled up.
All family and friends are welcome, trail travelers & lake splashers, 2 leggers & tail waggers alike.
Sharing food is always welcome though not officially organized (you know by now how TNAB rolls: loose & spontaneous).

Questions, ideas, and menus can be shared in the comment section of the blog if you so desire, we will be discussing tshirts in the coming week as well.

We hope Mother Nature will put on a fantastic sunset show for those who patiently waited for our sweaty smiling faces to arrive home post Pour House each week.

Thanks to each of you for being…


9 Responses to “Rattlesnake Ledge & Lake Equinox”

  1. Jo says on :

    Parking in the small un-gated lot or along the road would be a good choice if you think the sun will set before you return to your vehicle.

  2. Erik says on :

    Unfortunately, I will be going out of town…again. Have a great time…

  3. meandmyaussies says on :

    Is it that time already?!

  4. ewb says on :

    Sadly, the family can’t make it. PMB’s got a conflicting birthday party for a friend. So it’ll just be me. 🙁

    However, in an effort to make myself more appealing, I will be bringing shareable quantities of hot dogs to grill, baked beans, and probably some dessert. 🙂

  5. meandmyaussies says on :

    Is there going to be a community grill? I’ll have some lemon-basil chicken breasts that will need minimum grill time as well as some seasoned small white potatoes that will just need warming. All to share. Don’t have a grill but can bring a Coleman camp stove if required.

  6. BarbE says on :

    I might not make it in time for the hike but will be there for the party!
    I’ll bring potato salad and witch water.

  7. zephyr says on :

    Wonderful gathering tonight!

    Highlights include the view of clouds over Mt. Si from the top, seeing the entire Moosefish clan up on the Ledges, BarbE’s potato salad, ewb’s holding down the fort whilst we hiked, zeusdaddy’s hot grill, Mrs. Magnum’s shrimp and sauce, Magnum’s thoughtful presentation to GoJo, the moon over the lake, Jo’s stories and laughter, loads of other good food and drinks and the general conviviality.

  8. ewb says on :

    I concur! A great night and a wonderful group of folks made for a fitting conclusion to a fantastic TNAB year! Thank you all for allowing me to tag along, it’s been a challenge, a delight, and an honor! 🙂

  9. Jo says on :

    My photos of this fun evening can be found here.