Snow & Torches & Glögg, Oh My!

Hyak Lake Winter Solstice 2009

yukon430w  photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights


3 miles round trip with 750 ft elevation gain

NOAA Weather Forecast: Hyak Lake

11 Responses to “Snow & Torches & Glögg, Oh My!”

  1. Jo says on :

    Posting for Runningbird aka Peggy:

    Hello to all – I will be traveling Tuesday through Thursday.

    Do any of you hardy souls want to brave the old trail on Mt Si with me on Monday night; start about 5:30


  2. Malachai says on :

    Snowshoes will probably be mandatory, with all the recent snow on Sunday you could walk up with spikes.

  3. Rich (meandmyaussies) says on :

    I’ve never been back there – it’s pretty treed in, right? Still have a Moderate avi danger at the elevation as of tonight.

  4. yukon says on :

    I haven’t been there before either. I think it is fairly well treed and moderate angled slope. I see the telemetry data for the snowshed a couple miles away at 3700′ elevation has only picked up 8″ of snow in the last 48hrs. So not a lot of new snow so far.

  5. Malachai says on :

    Cris Mark and I went there a couple years ago and Lynda and I went there last year. It is treed all the way except at the lake. Pretty low avy danger not terribly steep either. Only issue is crossing the creek right off the road.

  6. BarbE says on :

    I’m a snow driving wuss. Any chance for a ride from Issaquah or North Bend?

  7. WxMan says on :

    I wouldn’t think that Avy danger would be all that high tomorrow, most of any avy cycle should have developed today and tonight with rain/freezing rain/sleet at the pass and surrounding hills.

    Tomorrow’s roads shouldn’t give too much trouble for the drive up as it looks like any precip will be light, and probably in the form of rain at pass level. Still will be on the cool side(~33-35) at the start of hike, falling to 31-33 during the hike. Cloud cover will be thickening late though, so the snow may not get a chance to really firm up much, which could mean a slushy walk, snowshoes will help that.

    See you all up there.

  8. Jo says on :

    @BarbE email me and we’ll make arrangements for you to hitch a ride from NB to the Pass with us.

  9. Malachai says on :

    Glögg Recipe

    2 cups red wine (Twisted Zin)
    2 cups Ruby Port (Porto Morgado 6.99 @TJ)
    1 cup Aquavit (can use inexpensive brandy)
    1 tsp Cardamon seeds not powder
    3″ whole cinnamon ” ”
    10 whole cloves ” ”
    2 crushed allspice ” ”
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/3 cup blanched almonds
    1 peel mandarin orange diced
    1/4 cup rasins

    Heat wines in a stainless steel pot (not aluminum) and dissolve sugar do not boil! Add other ingredients in a large tea ball, I used part of a backpackers teakettle. Keep warm for at least 35 min. Add Aquavit and let set overnight. Heat before serving 3 min in microwave or use crock pot. enjoy!

  10. ewb says on :

    Where’s the part about taking the Glögg below the equator? 😉

    Thanks to all for a very enjoyable time last night! I felt like I was on an elaborate expedition, with guides negotiating the route, breaking trail, laying down a perfect track for me to saunter up, then serving me food and drink upon arrival. Amazing, incredible, perfect – I’m so not worthy! Thank you! 🙂

  11. yukon222 says on :

    Another excellent Solstice celebration!!

    A few pics here on my Flickr page –