West Tiger Trio ‘the hard way’

First Summit of the 2010 Season
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yukon430sw photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter Moosefish:

Tiger321 (and then some) with TNAB**

Tiger is as Tiger does. Or as other do to Tiger. I’m sure it’s a lovely mountain, but it’s… well… Tiger. To make it a little more interesting I planned to start at the Chirico trailhead and tag Poo Poo Point before traversing over to Tiger 3 to meet the others coming up the Cable Line from High Point. Too bad the weather was so nice. It meant the paragliders were out in force and the parking lot was packed.Backup option: The Sunset trailhead. Of course, with no maps and only a vague idea where I was going to go it was a bit adventurous to try that. Not so adventurous as to warrant a sign that read, “Adventure Trail.” Nonetheless, there was the sign. Covered in moss it almost looked like it really was going to be adventurous, but in fact it wasn’t. A nice trail, but not an adventure. Especially not when it started dropping in elevation and turned from a nice trail through the woods into the High School “trail” that was more like a road.

I found the right turn and started up the Section Line trail. I’d heard horror stories about the Section Line, but it wasn’t so bad. Besides, I was a manly hiker. At least until I was about half way. Then it got serious and decided to let me know that it was done screwing around.

On Mailbox you suffer for the first few thousand feet, but are rewarded with the glory of the top 1,000 feet with views and an alpine experience. No such luck with the Section Line. Just when you think you’re about done you join the Cable Line and then you’re on the relatively lame summit of Tiger 3. Wee.

And it wasn’t like we were alone, either. We were about 12. Another group, also kicking off their after-work hiking season, was reported at 55. And there were two other groups both larger than us. Tiger was full of us. Poor Tiger. Poor us.

We didn’t linger on Tiger 3 and made quick work of Tigers 2 and 1, then back to Tiger 2 before we started down. We followed the same route down I did a month ago with Scott and Rich, but joined the Cable Line instead of winding up at the other end of the High Point exit.

Eric had also started at Sunset so we shadowed Scott and Josie to their car and conned a ride back to Sunset before winding up at the Issaquah Brew Pub for dinner.

The season is well kicked off with a 7.3 mile, 3,600 foot opening night.

**Note from Jo: due to the ‘suckage’ of the Cable Line Trail (my opinion, of course) several adventurous TNABers headed up Tiger from their own starting points or ‘pre-NABed’ to get a jump on the evening.

malachai constant photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

West Tiger Trio Information:


West Tiger Trio: approx 6-7 miles round trip and 3,000’+ elevation gain

NOAA Weather Forecast for Tiger: click here

Google Driving directions from Seattle to Cable line Trail head:
16.1 mi– about 17 mins (up to 25 mins in traffic)

I-90 E
1. Head east on I-90 E
15.5 mi
2. Take exit 20 toward High Point Way
0.3 mi
3. Turn right at 270th Ave SE
75 ft
4. Turn right at SE 79th St

Destination will be on the left
0.3 mi
SE 79th St

cableline parking

Park along the road just before the gate entrance to Traditions Plateau Parking Lot

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6 Responses to “West Tiger Trio ‘the hard way’”

  1. Jo says on :

    Rumor has it that a Mountaineers group will be stretching their legs on the same mountain Thursday night, so be prepared for a crowd. When you reach a summit, just yell TNAB and jump together for a summit pic… then keep on going. We’ll make it like a pub crawl: tag a summit, snag a group pic and on to the next summit. Never stop moving (this is Afterburners after all)! The night’s final destination is Issy Brewery so bang out a good hike and come drink a pint to celebrate the new season. I’ll put the collection of summit shots up in the trip report if you email them to me by Friday afternoon, the more variety the merrier!

  2. Bin says on :

    I thought the hike would start at 6? I got to the cableline trailhead at 4:47. There were so many (>50) cars parked on both side of the road, but no apprarent group gathering. I didn’t find the group, end up doing it solo.

  3. Jo says on :

    The hikes usually begin at 6pm with a 5:45 meet up but this week’s pre-hike email had an early start of 5:45 with a 5:30 meet up since it was a close to town location. The quantity of cars was due to the unusual convergence of three different groups kicking off their seasons last night on the same trail system. That shouldn’t be a problem on future hikes. Sorry we missed you, hope to see you on a future adventure.

    **also, no glasses were found on our descent last night. Checking nwhikers.net & wta’s lost & found sections would be a good place to start since there were literally hundreds of hikers on Tiger on Thursday evening.

  4. Jo says on :

    Thanks for letting me catch up, whew that was a huffer!
    Here’s our meager contribution to the photo album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atmyapple/sets/72157623651898042/

  5. ewb says on :

    Great night! So cool that we caught the preNABers on the way down. Glad to see they got a picture together. Here are some additional pics:


  6. yukon222 says on :

    Just the right conditions (temps and halfway dry Cable Line “trail”) to start off the season! Some more pics here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/8246712@N03/sets/72157623530343515/