Got Mail?

yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Mailbox Peak Information:


Distance & Elevation: 5mi & 4,000ft elevation gain

NOAA Weather: click here

Driving directions to Mailbox Peak Trail Head
33.5 mi – about 36 mins
Seattle, WA 98144
1. Head east on I-90
4.0 mi
2. Take the exit onto I-90 E toward Issaquah/Spokane
26.2 mi
3. Take exit 34 for 468th Ave SE
0.4 mi
4. Turn left at 468th Ave SE
0.5 mi
5. Turn right at SE 144th St
492 ft
6. Slight right at SE Lake Dorothy Rd/SE Middle Fork Rd

Continue to follow SE Middle Fork Rd
2.0 mi
7. Slight left at SE Lake Dorothy Rd
0.3 mi
Mailbox Peak Trail head


2009 Lunatique Mailbox TR: click here
2009 TNAB Mailbox TR: click here
2008 TNAB Mailbox TR: click here

6 Responses to “Got Mail?”

  1. Lynda says on :

    Don & I will try to prenab, see you all at the trailhead….(hopefully we will get there around 5:15ish?…)

  2. Jo says on :

    Conditions update from Tim via email: “I climbed there Sunday afternoon, and thought I cold share a mild trail condition report. The trail is quite muddy but mostly clear of snow until a short section of on the bolder field if using that route, I took the snow steps straight up, and a little more on the top. (If you bypass the boulder field around through the woods it is icy and may need traction devices but only a short section).”

  3. yukon222 says on :

    Fun climb to the summit even with the sloppy mud and snow. Some sunset pics here –

  4. Erik says on :

    Some interesting tree shots.

  5. ewb says on :

    Beautiful night! Some additional shots here:

  6. ewb says on :

    Regarding ZeusDaddy’s head, I think it just couldn’t keep up with his body. I saw it catching a breather at the false summit. Then it beat me to the top. Show off.