Above Annette

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Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter Yukon:

Cool, cloudy and wet. While the calendar said June, the conditions looked like early November. We pounded out a quick pace to a spot just before the lake in just under an hour. The rains had held off at that point and we started the bushwhack up the steep hillside with visions in our heads of a possible sunset view. Well, OK, maybe delusional visions.

Forest gave way to steep talus mixed with snow and scree. Kickstepping went well in the snow until the talus decided to make the ascent a bit more difficult by cutting the snow in half. We pushed up higher and higher while the clouds dropped lower and lower. Time began to run out on us and the gloomy fog didn’t help either. A few decided the summit could wait for another day when the wonderful views could be enjoyed. The less sane individuals continued to believe there might be summit views and endured the biting wind, damp fog and postholing up to the summit. Quick summit pic and we returned back along the north ridgeline.

After traversing for a bit, two nice glissade opportunities opened up and down we went into the fog. Short trains of snow slid along with us and actually provided enough cushion to float over the top of a couple tips of rock. Back on trail by the lake just before dark and then the normal long trudge back to the TH on the always longer homeward trek.

Silver Mt Information:


Distance & Elevation: approx 7 mi & 3600ft elevation gain

Current NOAA Weather: Annette Lake

Northwest Forest Pass Required for parking

Google Driving Directions:


2 Responses to “Above Annette”

  1. Recon says on :

    It’ll be cheesy fries and doggie treats for anybody who takes me on a post nab in October.

    Bob C.

  2. ewb says on :

    Hey Bob, good to hear from you! I suspect lots of us will be happy to take you up on that offer (challenge? 🙂 in October!