Defying Deet

Yukon222 photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Mt Defiance Information:


We’ll take Exit 45 and Road 9031 up to the Ira Spring TH. Route will be up the Old Trail to Mason Lake, then up to Mt Defiance. The red line is an approximation of our route.

Distance & Elevation: estimate 7.2 miles round trip and 3450′ elevation gain

NOAA Weather: click here


2009 Mt Defiance TR: click here
2008 Mt Defiance TR: click here

6 Responses to “Defying Deet”

  1. ewb says on :

    Still mending a wrecked ankle, so no go for me tonight. This is one of my favorite hikes, too, so I’m very sorry to miss it. Have fun and be safe!

  2. zephyr says on :

    Hey, Will y’all please post some photos from our TNAB on July 16th? We summitted Snoqualmie Mtn after a grueling hike (for some) in the heat. We were rewarded with amazing views in all directions. Several people took summit group photos and some of Larry standing on top of a gendarme.

    Thanks! ~~z~~

  3. zephyr says on :

    Whoa, ewb…

    Just saw your posting after mine went up. Sorry to hear it and hope you have a speedy recovery. 🙁


  4. Jo says on :

    Patience grasshopper, the Snoqualmie Mt trip is on it’s way. Just getting permissions for several different participant’s photos of what looks like a very exciting and fun trip. Thanks for getting yours to me right away! I’d expect to see the blog updated with the last three trips, stats, weather, maps and directions by the end of this weekend.*

    *Note to self, move TNAB blog up the to-do list this weekend ;^)

  5. Malachai says on :

    I’m the midget in the burka.

  6. kirk says on :

    Sorry I had to run out of there after the summit and missed the pour house. Will catch up with you all later on the next TNAB.