Rampart Exposure

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Rampart Ridge Information:


Distance and Elevation: 4.4 miles round trip , 2150 ft elev gain

NOAA Weather: Rampart Ridge

Driving Directions: Exit at Hyak driving NE for a short distance then turn SE onto Gold Creek Rd (NFD 4832). Go approx 2.5 miles until the road changes to gravel, then continue on gravel turning left approx 4.3 m from freeway at unmarked fork (NFD 136). Take a right at the next fork (est. 5.5 m from leaving I-90) and park in open area at the hairpin turn (total distance 6.2 m). Please be aware that previous drivers have noted that this road has minor washouts and heavy brush that may scratch your vehicle.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area: please respect all rules and regulations

2009 Rampart Ridge TR: click here
2008 Rampart Ridge TR: click here

6 Responses to “Rampart Exposure”

  1. Keely says on :


    I hiked with you all a few times last year. I was interested in maybe joining for a few this year. I was thinking about Thursday but I am confused as to where you are going and what time. Defying Deet was last year right?



  2. Jo says on :

    @Keely ~ email on the way to you with details.

  3. Craig says on :

    I also don’t seem to be able to find the location of future hikes. Is this by design?

  4. Jo says on :

    Unfortunately it is, we had some car break in issues last season and the Sheriff’s Dept suggested removing our upcoming destinations from the public sphere. I can certainly add you to the email list for this season if you are interested. We send out each week’s destination around Tuesday afternoon for the following Thursday.

  5. Erik says on :

    Hi Jo,

    I am looking at mid-day model runs and there may be T-storms.

  6. Jo says on :

    Yup, NOAA is showing the same T-Storms at a 30% chance so we’re leaving the dogs at home so we can move fast off the ridge if need be.