Is this Wright?

Summit Shot
Lakes below
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  1. zephyr says on :

    I am thinking about doing a way early Pre-NAB and going for Mt. Roosevelt. Then maybe meeting up later with the gang at the lake. Just an idea at this point. Never been to M.R. before, understand that it’s a scramble.

    Looking for a partner or two. My hiking pace is moderate, but steady. Not a trail runner. Anyone interested, PM me on NWHikers.

  2. zephyr says on :

    Okay. So it was a pre-Pre-NAB party of one. I had no takers for the Roosevelt option. Started hiking just before 1 pm. Sunny skies and not too many bugs or folks along the way. Made it to Gem Lake outlet by 3:45 or so. The mosquitoes were waiting for me there in mobs of millions. As hot and tired as I was, I couldn’t stick around, but headed up the ridge to the SW highpoint above Gem Lake. Beautiful views all around. Wright Mountain looked bright and clear.

    After a lunch I started traversing the ridge towards Roosevelt. There were bootpaths that meandered along the top or one side or the other. Very fun and scenic. Then soon I was climbing up steep heathery/brushy slopes toward the north summit. Several mild class III sections (IMO) and some testy spots through low, thick trees. All the time I was stopping to take photos of the lakes far below and the peaks all around. Amazing to be that high above Snow Lake and from that angle.

    Chair Peak Lake was partially frozen and there was still half of Melakwa Pass in snow. Kaleetan was towering in the distance. On the other side Snoqualmie Mtn, Lundin, Thompson stood out in the bright sun. I could see so many places I had been on previous trips and TNAB’s, including Rampart Ridge and Guye Peak.

    Eventually I reached the north summit. I didn’t walk up to the edge to look over since it was a huge overhang and the dropoff looked like an abyss. I also scouted out the south/True summit approach for any future attempts.

    Headed back down to the ridge and the trail back to Gem Lake. Reached the lake by 7’ish and saw no sign of TNAB around the shore or up on the summit of Wright. Decided to head down since I was very tired and now sporting blisters from new boots. 🙁 15 minutes down from the lake I ran into Zeusdaddy and puzzlr making their way up the trail. We spoke briefly since they had a ways to go. A few minutes later ran into 3rd TNAB’er, 2 Weimaraners then no one else the entire way down to Snow Lake. (Where was the posse?) Finally near the outlet at S.L. I was passed by the 4th and final party member in a dead run up the trail. Much smaller crowd than last year’s party in the rain.

    The sun had set and there were a few pinkish orange clouds high in the sky. Fairly quiet around Snow Lake. I reached ridge and Alpental Pass by 9 pm. Readjusted gear, clothes, pack and put on my headlamp in the growing darkness. When lo and behold who should appear but the Schmidt’s sans whippets. They had been up to Avalanche Peak on an Alt-TNAB. So I had company and conversation going down to the trailhead. Very nice. Reached the parking area by 10 pm and it was 9 hours for my excursion. I look forward to seeing the summit shot and who all was up there. Must have been a terrific sunset. Did you all P.H.?

  3. ewb says on :

    Nice write-up. I imagine Roosevelt has some great views. Wish I could have made it. Sounds like there was TNAB in virtually every corner of the Snow Lake basin last night. 🙂

  4. puzzlr says on :

    In spite of TNABers swarming over the Snow Lake basin, we ended up with an intimate party of 3 on the summit of Wright Mountain. The sunset was beautiful, but we didn’t stay too long because we had a long walk out. We arrived back at the TH at about 10:45, quite a bit later than most TNAB finishes even though we were booking pretty fast both in and out. We kept our eyes peeled for the meteor shower but only saw a few.

  5. zephyr says on :

    Well, there were three of you on the summit. Did you all run into our 4th TNAB’er (D****) on the way down? He was at least 45 minutes behind you when I saw him at Snow Lake. Did he join you all or keep heading up in the dark? That would have been a late, lonely slog back.

  6. Ingunn says on :

    We did a lazy TNOT to Snow Lake for a swim (brrr) and a picnic (yum!) instead of going for Wright:

  7. omega says on :

    I have been missing you TNAB. Working way to hard. Here’s a map of the view from Wright Mountain.