Mists of Mt Catherine

TNAB on Top and Wet, Wet, Wet
Malachai Constant photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Mt Catherine Information:

Distance & Elevation: 3 miles round trip & approx. 1300 ft elev gain

Current NOAA Weather: Mt Catherine

Driving Directions (from WTA):

From Seattle, drive east on I-90 to Hyak (exit 54). At the bottom of the ramp check your odometer, then turn right, followed by a left onto a gravel road leading into a broad parking lot at the base of the ski area. Stay left as you cross the parking lot and find a road (signed “Hyak Estates Drive”) leading east out of the center of the parking lot. Continue east through a series of vacation homes and public works buildings. The road soon turns to gravel and becomes Forest Road 9070. Continue up the road past the ******* to a small parking area signed Mt Catherine, about 8.5 miles from the freeway. The trail is BEFORE the Tinkam-Silver Peak Trail.

2009 TR: Mt Catherine
2008 TR: Mt Catherine

4 Responses to “Mists of Mt Catherine”

  1. Mal Con says on :

    Dangerous duo left trailhead at 5:45 made summit in 45 min in rain and fog spent a few minutes on top and took a few pix. Soon EWB appeared and we took a group shot. Better than staying home in the rain. Good times!

  2. ewb says on :

    How in the heck did I manage to take a picture with only me in focus?! Sorry Dangerous Duo! I need a duo-ver. 😛

    I was so glad to run into you guys. If I hadn’t seen your truck at the trailhead I’m not sure I would have even started up in that heavy rain. Thanks for the great company!

    Two solo Thursdays and one trio close out the TNAB season in rough form, but still we managed to keep the flame mostly burning against some pretty wet odds. Hopefully we get a break for the part-ay next week. TNAB!

  3. Lynda says on :

    Thanks for the fun night of conversation, and don’t worry about out of focus….at least we deleted me with the double chin!! See ya for the party!!

  4. zephyr says on :

    You know, that’s actually a pretty nice picture. Everyone looks vibrant, happy and well…misty. 😉 Great color! Nice red and blue theme going on. Congrats on making the final summit of the season. Love the title too, sounds like a fantasy/adventure novel. ~z~