Teneriffe Turkey Burner

DSE_4663 - "and then there were 4"
Yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

First Crew
Ewb photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

The weather was foul but the company fair as TNAB gathered after Thanksgiving day to burn turkey on Teneriffe. The gobbler scalders included Yukon, Huron (previously Magnum), Dicey, Martin, Malachi Constant, ZeusDaddy, and EWB.

The pace was brisk to start. The rain was cold and intermittent. Dicey’s regular weather reports helped pass the time on the long wet road approach. We soon reached a turning point and followed Yukon into the snowy woods and commenced beating brush up and up and over and up until eventually emerging on the new switchbacks heading west. The long easy grade of the switchbacks wasn’t conducive to burning bird, but did provide lots of quality time for the party to reflect on the holidays, and family, and new jobs, and bills, and the weather, and to check email.

Finally, an ice-covered Kamikaze Falls appeared to rescue the fowl melters from the switchback doldrums. Here the crew separated a bit. Some stopped to take pictures of the falls, others donned microspikes, and at least one changed shirts (sorry you had to see that Dicey). At various paces all reached the ridge and gingerly picked their way over the snow and ice covered roots and rocks.

About 800′ below the summit the snow’s texture and depth changed abruptly from wet and slippery and ankle deep to dry and slippery and knee deep. Huron switched to snowshoes, but the lead group stuck to boots with ZeusDaddy plowing steps through the increasingly deepening snow. The open areas, including the cliffy step, proved particularly deep and difficult, especially for our plowman.

About 100′ below the summit we emerged from the trees into waist deep powder with little interest in consolidation. ZeusDaddy switched to swim-plowing, but the loose snow would not cooperate. Undeterred, he switched to snowshoes and began laboriously high-stepping toward the summit slowly mashing down a trench in which EWB, now also in shoes, could follow, further packing the snow allowing the shoeless Dicey, Martin, Yukon, and Malachi to follow. Huron also helped hammer the trench, emerging in shoes before Yukon and Malachi.

Unlike the still and quiet of the sheltered wood, the summit was a gusty freeze bucket of disappearing extremities and sailing hats. After quick high-fives and a summit pic, Dicey and Martin headed down. ZeusDaddy and EWB added layers and hung around to welcome and shoot pics with Huron, Yukon, and Malachi. However, it wasn’t long before we were all descending. Once back in the stillness of the trees, the shoes came off, the Yukon Jack came out (and went in!), and the long slippery down began.

The descent pace was leisurely, with lots of time to talk and joke and slide and fall. We never did all catch up again, but the last group of Yukon, Malachi, ZeusDaddy, and EWB carried the spirit of TNAB to the Pour House and packed some beer and grub into the gaps left by the now smoldering turkey remains.

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