That Dirty Varmit’s Balcony

DSE_5317 Dirty Harry's Balcony
Yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

We kicked off the season at Dirty Harry’s Balcony which that cantankerous old Harry left rocky, muddy and half covered in snow. The nerve of that guy! It was a dogs’ night on trail with 9 hounds of various shapes & sizes and a full crew: 12 returning veterans and one new face (welcome Tim). Most expressed that they were happy to get this ankle busting, knee banging trip out of the way and get back down to the PourHouse. A great kick-off to the TNAB season, onward and upward into the 2011 schedule!

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Dirty Harry’s Balcony Info

4 Responses to “That Dirty Varmit’s Balcony”

  1. ewb says on :


  2. Mal Con says on :

    Greetings from the Great White North! Good luck to you all, wish I could be there, wearing my new hat often. Couple inches of new snow on my lawn. Snow hiking and Mountain Biking here, Scott you should try some of our technical trails here very challenging especially on ice.

  3. Nordic says on :

    Conditions on Dirty Harry trail as of 03/22/2011:
    The usual rocks until about 2000 feet then shallow and soft snow until about 2250. Up from there – fairly continuous and packed snow. No need for snowshoes (at least on the Dirty Harry trail) – didn’t go to the balcony but I doubt that the short spur from the trail would be bad enough to warrant snowshoes.
    BTW – for a more interesting option – you may want to consider a loop via “Birdhouse Trail” on the way up and Dirty Harry trail on the way down vs. in & out via Dirty Harry trail.

  4. ewb says on :

    Nordic, thanks for the update! Regarding the Birdhouse Trail, couldn’t agree more – it’s a very nice loop. First-timers should avoid trying it in the dark because there are many forks and social trails branching off along the way. I’ve got a GPX/KML track if anyone’s interested in the route.