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West Tiger #3
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Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

Despite the NOAA’s dire forecast for high winds and heavy rain, fourteen
hearty souls turned out at West Tiger Mountain on the eve of April Fool’s
Day for TNAB’s second regularly scheduled adventure of the year.  As
expected, the weather was miserable, with hurricane force winds, lashing
rain, and near zero visibility.  The trek up Cableline to summit 3 was
brutal, like swimming up a strong cold mountain stream, and the way to
summits 2 and 1 were a death march, with roped-up TNABers straining for
their lives into nature’s unmerciful gaping maw.  We lost a number of
dedicated hikers on Tiger last night.  Some of them will be missed.

Oh, that’s just the April Fool’s talking.  In reality, the weather was quite
pleasant, certainly better than expected.  A brisk wind on the summits, but
not too cold, and not a drop of wet from above (though as Snutur later
pointed out, plenty from the brow).  Even the trails were comparatively good
given the volume of rain in recent days, with the usual Cableline mess to
begin but only some muddy spots beyond that in the saddles and on the lower

Lots of preNABers spread out along the Cableline to start, with three
leaving on the six o’clock mark and two just after.  All but the last two
arrived on summit 3 in time for snacks and a group pic, and a brief glimpse
of a cloud-shrouded sunset.  There were many returning TNAB veterans,
including some not seen since last year, and one new victim, er, person.
The last two arrived just after the pic, and two others took the opportunity
to turn for home.  The remaining twelve humans, and their seven bounding
hounds, buckled up and booted themselves over to summit 2, where a second
pic was shot.  Then it was once more into the saddle for a quick parade to
summit 1 near the hut for more pics, snacks, and general merriment.

The descent was long and steady, and mostly uneventful.  We returned to
summit 2, turned right, added headlamps, and proceeded down to Tom’s Crotch
(tread lightly), then to Karate 3000, the TMT, and out the last bit of
Cableline.  Lots of mingling and joking along the congo line and breaks at
the junctions helped pass the time and brighten the gang’s spirits as
thoughts turned to dry clothes, cold beers, and warm food.  The final
Cableline descent proved the toughest and slowest part of the night.  It was
in much worse shape than on the earlier ascent, very muddy and slippery,
perhaps owing to the OSAT army that descended after we passed.  Or zombies.
Yeah, probably the zombies.

With a quick change of clothes and tiger-sized appetites, the entire
company, sans doggies and one summit 3 retreater, descended on the Issaquah
Brew House for suds and grubs.  We had expected to join the brewery’s 11th
anniversary party, with live music and free beer and strippers and such, but
discovered upon arrival that we were a week too soon.  Apparently our
pouting about this was not for naught, though, as the brewery did offer us a
token discount on our beers.  And, you know, the only thing better than a
$5.75 pint of Dead Guy Ale is a $5.00 pint of Dead Guy Ale, am I right?  No?
Haters.  Nonetheless, merriment was in good supply amongst the loquacious
postNAB partiers, with gripping tales of Peruvian penguin tacos and sugar
daddy grooming habits and float glass overflow recovery techniques
(achtongue, baby!) heard and seen among the table’s varied topics.

A great night with a great group.  Thanks to all for a wonderful time!

(Oh, and John fell on his butt – haha!)

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: West Tiger Trio Info

10 Responses to “Weeeeee’re Great!”

  1. Erik says on :

    Just saying hello. Still no Thurs for me. Have mtn weather conf tonight. Have fun and watch yourselves on that cable trail. I’ve been doing laps there once/week, and it is perfectly muddy for TNABers, but treacherous nonetheless.

  2. ewb says on :

    Thanks for the update, Erik! The conditions should be classic Cableline tonight for sure. At least the millions of little waterfalls are pretty to look at as they pour over your boots. 🙂 Hope to see you again with TNAB soon!

  3. Jo says on :

    A smile on my face and an ache in my muscles, this was TNAB done right. What a great night.

  4. alexei says on :

    Good seeing y’all and I promise to be seen more often this year. Only two of the twelve OSATers descended the Zombie Line trail, although I heartily agree it was fraught with peril. And zombies. And mud. A lot of mud.

  5. ewb says on :

    Dang, Alexei, those two OSATers really tore things up! 😉

    Hope we see you again soon!

  6. puzzlr says on :

    Sorry I missed it, but I’m taking a Thursday evening class for the next couple of months. Don’t they know that Thursdays are for TNAB?

  7. GQ Hiker Boy (Joseph) says on :

    Sounds like great muddy fun . . .without the rain to wash it off a little. Have a work deadline Fri, but hope to be on the trail this Thursday.

  8. ewb says on :

    Monty, Joseph, good to hear from you – looking forward to having you guys with us again soon!

  9. Michael Carabini says on :

    You do the West Tiger-rama!The Wonder Pup and I departed the High Point TH shortly after 10 00 with the goal of hitting all three West Tiger summits. I started to see snow patches at about 2300 ft and last gasps of trail snow at 2400 but by the time you read this and plan to go out for the weekend it should have given up the ghost.At the intersection with the Upper Bootleg Trail we turned right and headed 0.4 miles to the little bypass trail leading to Poo Top.

  10. Jo says on :

    Sorry you popped into the spam filter, thanks for the update. ~Jo