Checking the Mail

Mailbox TNAB
Yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter Yukon:

Mailbox. Mailbox. Mailbox. It cannot be avoided and just when you think you are safe for a few more weeks, it is suddenly announced as an Emergency Alternate for this week’s hike! Hah! (Due to avalanche concerns, the original destination was flipped for the safer Mailbox.)

Another large solid group of TNAB’ers hiked up the gated road, past the washout repair (fine – no issues there now) and rechecked gear at the trailhead sign. A few sighs were issued, then onward and upward!! The occasional suckerhole appeared in the sky, but only briefly else they wouldn’t be suckerholes!! 🙂 Clouds continued to thicken and little hope remained for any sunset views.

Very slick compacted snow at around 3000′ elevation meant most TNAB’ers mounted up their microspikes or crampons. Better progress with no “2 steps forward, 1/2 step slip back, repeat”. Broke out into the open area before the false summit with just intermittent postholing thru the talus. A narrow boot track (snowshoes weren’t needed) carved thru the deep soft slushy snow and we all soon reached the very foggy summit block. The Mailbox lay buried beneath the unusually deep May snow.

A light chilling wind flowed over the summit as we naively “waited” to see if the Sun would grace us with a sunset view. A few hardy souls held out a bit longer but in the end, the Sun was more stubborn and set without piercing thru the clouds. A couple of slipslides thru the icy snow in the heavy trees and then just the long relentless downhill grade over the exposed tree roots to the trailhead. Naturally a PourHouse visit afterwards to warm up and hoist a few adult beverages.

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Mailbox Peak Info

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