Putrid Weather

It was indeed putrid out there tonight
Zeusdaddy photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Putrid Pete’s Peak Info

4 Responses to “Putrid Weather”

  1. Erik says on :

    Probably should rethink doing P3 tomorrow. Avy danger will be considerable with snow falling down to 4000 feet or even a few hundred feet below it.

  2. ewb says on :

    Thanks for the heads-up, Erik. That snowy forecast is just incredible for late May. Looks like accumulations of less than an inch, though, mostly a snow-rain mix. Still, we’ll have to evaluate the conditions very carefully once we break out of the trees and everyone must use their own judgment about whether or not to proceed. No harm in turning early for the Pour House. 🙂

  3. yukon222 says on :


    Sorry I wasn’t able to go; knee should be recovered enough by next week though.

  4. ewb says on :

    So glad to hear that, Yukon! The way I described last night to Moosefish was that expectations were very, very low, so it didn’t take much for P3 to exceed them. And it did, mostly. Plus we met a couple of nice fellas that Josh invited. We actually roped one of them into doing the trip report. I figure that kind of investment ought to keep bringing him back. 🙂