Lower Ledge Crew
The Ledge and the Dipper
Zeusdaddy photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

Thursday’s broken high clouds and warm temps were a nice departure from this
year’s consistently cold and wet weather. The mild evening proved perfect
for capping off the regular 2011 TNAB season at Rattlesnake Lake.

While TNABers broke for the ledges in variously sized groups at different
times and paces, PMB and I hung out by the lake to nurse my lingering
wussyitis. There we played ball, skipped rocks, climbed stumps, and
protected the growing pile of goodies from marauding Rattlebears. Before
long we heard an explosion of good cheer erupt from the ledges signaling the
gang’s imminent descent. And probably the changing of a few shorts.

As the sun sank behind the mountain the lake-side party grew with new
noNABers (welcome!), preNABers, and regular TNABers. The grill was lit and
headlamps donned while food, drink, and joy slowly emerged. A tiny band of
future TNABers roamed the shore with flashlights while tree-tied pups vied
for the attention of anyone with a nibble or pat to share. The conversation
and beer flowed easily while we enjoyed Jo’s wonderful grilled veggies,
Sherry’s tasty grilled chicken, Rhodies BBQ, chips, desserts and so much

It was a wonderful and whacky year of hiking for TNAB. Heavy on snow and
cold, short on sunsets and views, but never lacking for good company and
fun. I’ll never forget following bears up Cave Ridge, shivering under
falling snow on Granite during the “summer” solstice, and the incredible
sunset we watched on Silver Peak. So many laughs, so many great memories.

If I have one regret from Thursday night, it is that I didn’t think to raise
a glass in toast before heading out early to get PMB home. I would like to
have thanked everyone who came out and gave life to TNAB for one more year.
You’re the best! And I would have liked to wish everyone a safe and short
winter so that we all might get back together soon to hike in the mountains
at night. Cheers!

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Rattlesnake Ledges Info

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