Holly Jolly Solstice

Yukon430sw photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Hyak Lake with torches & treats, our last trip of the year is here. It’s time for Glögg & mistletoe and TNAB snowshoe cheer!

2010 TR: Hyak Glöggfest
2009 TR: Snow & Torches & Glögg, Oh My!

Happy Holidays ~ The Torch Team

8 Responses to “Holly Jolly Solstice”

  1. Ingunn says on :

    We’ll bring traditional Norwegian gløgg!

  2. zephyr says on :

    Sounds terrific, Ingunn. ‘Can’t wait to try it.

    I found this recent article in the New York Times in case anyone is interested in learning more about glogg. They have a recipe in the second link.




  3. GQ Hiker Boy (Joseph) says on :

    Ingunn, I was thinking of bringing some glogg, but if you have that covered, then I can bring something else. Since I can’t leave work early, mine would not be freshly simmered and warming it up would also be a little difficult.

  4. ewb says on :

    That was so much fun. Why can’t we do this every week? 🙂

  5. WxMan says on :

    ewb posting at 2:13am? MUST have been fun! Good times last night indeed.

  6. Mal Con says on :

    For good Gloog you need Aquavit in WA you can get Linne which has been over the Equator twice here all you can get is the Danish type booth are flavored with Caraway. We really miss this trip 🙁

  7. ewb says on :

    @WxMan: GQ Hiker’s bottle of minty blue ho-ho-ho kept me revved up all night long!

    @Mal Con: We really missed you guys, too!

  8. yukon says on :

    Great time – weather cooperated and the snow was surprisingly powdery (although not super deep). A few pics here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/8246712@N03/sets/72157628457672919/with/6526805639/