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Wet, Wetter, Wettest West Tiger Trio

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West Tiger #3
West Tiger #2
West Tiger #1
Zeusdaddy photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: West Tiger Mtn (Cable-K3 trio)

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter GQ Hiker Boy:

If wet and windy are your favorites for an evening hike, then this was a hike for you. Evidently, it was for the nine of us that, rain or shine, kept to the schedule and waded up a soggy trail to bag the three summits of West Tiger Mountain. We welcomed another TNAB newbie on his first hike with us this week, and started shortly after 6pm from outside the gate. Our trail of choice was the cable line, and we dodged and straddled the runoff from the steady downpour. Our attempts to stay clean were dashed at the first service road crossing which was a mud pit—yep, those gaiters were definitely worth it. We ascended to the first summit in fast-paced TNAB fashion— fast times ranged from mid-30 mins to low 40s. It was actually warmer this night then it had been in the last couple of days, and I’m not sure what was worse, the wet weather or the wetness of the sweat from the rain gear.

That all changed at the summit of #3. We were met with a brisk howling wind, and after a few minute wait for stragglers, we were frigidly reminded that winter was still hanging around. The photo shoot on #3 was quick since we were anxious to get moving and get warm again. We were soon greeted by patches of snow on the way up to #2 , which turned to solid snow by the time we were by the antenna farm. After another quick photo shoot, we were off to #1 where were where met with the same conditions: snow pack, rain, and wind. A few of us wimped out and hung out in the hikers hut to drink heart-warming beverages, munch on graham crackers, and listen to EWB’s war stories for the week. But the smell of wet dog proved to be too much for us, so we joined the others outside for the last photo shoot. From there we went back to #2, took the scenic trail back to the lower half of the cable line, slogged through the last of the mud and runoff on the trail, got stacked up behind GQ Hiker Boy as he played with headlamp that refused to stay on, and arrived back at the gate by 9pm. In all , it was a 5.4 mile round trip with an elevation gain of about 3,120 feet. A wet, windy, short, but enjoyable hike for the beginning of the season.

From there, the usual gang headed to sample tasty brews and food at the Issaquah Brewhouse in Issy Olde Town before calling it a night.

Greetings from Hall Point

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Yukon430sw photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights
Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Hall Point

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

Even the dogs were anxious to get things rolling Thursday night as TNAB assembled alongside Homestead Road beside Change Creek to kick off the 2012 season. A good sized crew of regulars and one newcomer geared up, caught up, and eventually headed up, first to the John Wayne trail, then over to the Change Creek trail, and finally up the switchbacks to the ridge in ever deepening snow at an ever slowing pace. At the Hall Point junction we offered our righteous trailblazer Andy graham crackers and “encouragement” as he kicked, plowed, and swam a waist-deep trench for us to the top. There we found good weather, snowy views, and strong booze, and just enough room to mill about taking pictures and treating dogs. The descent was quick and painless, if a little tipsy for some (cough, cough). Lights on at the railroad grade as we counted heads, then a short final bit to the cars. All but a couple made their way to the Pour House after to celebrate the new TNAB season. There we shared more food, booze, and stories, and ZeusDaddy unleashed some medieval ping pong on EWB as revenge for losing the first game. It was a most excellent start to the new TNAB year!

Hiking Up Hyak

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Chairlifts and Planets
Blurry summit shot
Zeusdaddy photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights