Wallowing on Washington

TNAB Troupe
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Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Mt Washington

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

The time dilation was strong last night on Mt Washington. Despite the generally quick pace and limited stops, minutes just disappeared. After two long fought hours we were still 30+ minutes from the top at the final ridge turn to the summit. The disappointment was palpable as we reconciled ourselves to turning around. Second time in two years. Dang it.

Still, the company was great, including one newcomer (who promises to return, despite the lack of a summit and an overabundance of sometimes cringe-inducing familiarity amongst the boys), and the weather couldn’t have been better (well, maybe a little less humid to start). The clear skies and bright stars to finish helped make the evening just a little bit better.

We’re pretty sure Dan and Larry were somewhere up there, too, though we only ever saw their cars at the start, and even these were gone when we got down.

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