Polar P3

josh d. photos used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Putrid Pete’s Peak

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

Every kind of weather greeted a hearty TNAB bunch on Putrid Pete this year: rain (both light and heavy), fog, hail (ouch!), lightning, thunder (oh my!), and snow (both vertical and horizontal).  Temps ranged from t-shirts down low to winter layers up top where it was just 27F, not counting the frigid wind.  There were icy slopes and rocks, a perfect stairway to the top, frozen bits and zipper assists, and finally a running retreat fueled by the feeling that lives might actually be on the line.  Ahhh, spring time, TNAB style.

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    Couple more shots from the P3 expedition: