Tusk at Dusk

TNAB on the Tusk
Zeusdaddy photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights
Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Tusk O’Granite

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter EWB:

I’m terribly late.
Now the fuel light is on.
Exit 45 blocked,
dang, I bet they’ll be gone.

Oh, luck, there’s GQ,
and with extra beer!
Let’s run and run now
or we’ll lose them I fear.

Quite weak are their tracks,
the bridges quite scary.
There goes Talapus Lake.
Oh, my head, it’s quite airy.

Got them, at Olallie,
they’re stuck on the shore.
The crossing is hairy.
Bear goes all parkour!

Now on to the ridge.
Hey, there’s Larry and Dan.
The views widen up here.
I’m Red 2’s biggest fan.

Don’t stop yet, GQ,
the summit’s over there.
Let’s catch up to Scott,
once he’s done making stairs.

He’s petering out,
now’s my chance to be first.
I pour on the coal,
but he leaps and I burst.

Layers and crackers,
a beer and some views,
the snapping of pictures,
no time for a snooze.

Extremities now frozen,
the top was quite cool,
but the snow is just perfect
to descend TNAB-old-school.

Plunging and sliding,
avoiding cliff walls,
Matt’s light speed glissade,
and lots of butt falls.

Racing the light now,
to clear sketchy creeks.
The tracks have all faded,
we’ll be lost here for weeks!

Oh, there’s Dan and Talapus,
we’re on our way now.
It’s a race to the trailhead,
and then on to some chow.

In neutral to I-90,
then fumes to North Bend.
Phew, I just made it.
Ew, my smell does offend.

The Pour House is rocking,
guess we’re sitting outside.
Talk of calories and bus stops,
and the glow of earned pride.

For TNAB on Tusk
is a hell of a feat,
an epic after-work tour
that just can’t be beat.

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