Defiance Delivers a Doozie

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Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Mt Defiance

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter Eric L:

Defiance, as defined by the great Noah Webster is “a challenge”, certainly an appropriate name for the great peak located in the Cascades. To truly make the trip scenic and unique, we took the unofficial, unmaintained trail from the parking lot to Mason Lake. The trail is steep and unforgiving. Following the river closely most of the way. Scramble up a large field of boulders before coming to Mason Lake, still partially frozen from a record winter. Now at 4200 feet the greater challenge is just ahead…..

This summiting experience was a first for some. I remember snow, steep ridge lines, being out-hiked by Digger, fixating my eyes on the feet of those in front of me in fear of losing pace and watching them disappear into the clouds as I pondered the question “where am I?”

All uncertainty of weather or not life would continue was cleared upon reaching the summit and taking in the incredible views from 5400 feet. Other than eating 4-cheese crackers with a dry mouth, experiencing the summit of Mt Defiance was an epic experience never to be forgotten.

The Pour House afterwards didn’t disappoint either.

Another adventure in the books!

Many indulged in the invite, about 6 conquered.

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  1. Jeff says on :

    I’ve recently gotten into hiking mountains in the middle of the week. Sadly I haven’t found too many others willing to hike after work and its somewhat dangerous hiking alone in the dark. At a 4th of July party a friend mentioned your webpage. I’m interested in coming along on a Thursday if you could add me to your mailing list. Thanks!