T-Knob Lunatique

ewb photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Kendall Knob

Special Thanks to Guest Trip Reporter ewb:


The new year’s first Lunatique tackled Kendall Knob last Thursday night.  The first group out of the gate comprised a handful of crusty old TNABers, including me (ewb), Chris (Magnum/Huron), Drew, and Dan, and one newcomer, Dawn.  I wore only boots with traction, the others snowshoes.  Drew and Dawn were new to snowshoeing, but were stomping the pow like old pros in short order.

The trip started under clouds illuminated by the lights of the Snoqualmie ski area.  Snow fell lightly onto 2-3″ of fresh powder which covered a rock hard icy crust.  The temps were mild, the wind light, the mood good, and the company stellar.  No hurries, no worries.  The group romped up the road to the second left hander, then picked it’s way carefully up the icy ridge.  Nearing the top, the first group was caught by a second group of familiar faces, including Suzanne (Sadie’s Driver), Barry (Middle E), and Tisha (Alti-Babe), plus their pooches.  They brought word that Monty (Puzzlr) and a friend were also coming up via the road on shoes and skis.

Together the gang continued up, cleared the trees, crossed the long flat ridge, and clambered up to the Kendall “parking lot”, all the while ooooh’ing and ahhh’ing at the beautifully flocked trees and nicely illuminated surroundings.  After a quick pic, the second group headed down, while the first lingered up top sharing snacks (Dan’s homemade beef jerky – yum!), drinks (Dan’s Glenlivet – yum!), and tales (Dan’s, er, stories – yay!).  Much fun was had with Chris’s nuclear powered flashlight, melting snow off trees and burning the backs out of sensitive retinas.  I tried to rally a backward snowshoe race amongst the new shoers, but they caught on too quickly.  As time passed and toes froze and it became clear Monty and pal weren’t likely to appear, packs were hoisted, downhill snowshoe techniques were shared (“Don’t lean back!”), and the first group headed down.

There was some slipping and sliding along the ridge, and some tricky shoe-off heel-digging for some in the icy steep bits, but it was short lived and eventually the gang hit the road safe and sound.  There we found ski tracks heading up and down, suggesting Monty and friend had indeed headed back.  From there it was a very pleasant lights-out walk on the road back to the cars.  The falling snow had covered I-90 making the pass a bit hairy.  But before long the first group was warming themselves with hot food and drinks at the Pour House, exchanging high-fives and congrats for a successful night in the wild.

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