Lesson Learned

Persis Summit
ewb photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Trail details, NOAA weather, driving directions, maps and past trip reports can be found here: Mt Persis.

Dear Persis
You started out badly
with roads rough and rocky,
then worsened with bloodletting
amateur hockey
from running a gauntlet
of swaffelen boughs,
up insanely steep steepness,
sweat squeezing from brows.

And then the route vanished
in the snow, rocks, and sticks,
to emerge once again
in the saddle of cricks,
and then finally,
sans a GPS tracker,
your summit, a picture,
some booze, and a cracker.

Adding insult to injury,
once we were down,
and everyone braved
your bad roads back to town,
not a place there was serving
both food and some booze,
so we wound up at Denny’s.
Blech.  Hwy 2, you lose.

Well, it wasn’t all that bad.  The workout was incredible, the views were lovely, and the company was grand.  But unfortunately the cost of entry and exit was nearly as steep as the trail.

Cliffy Persis
copyright ewb

copyright drew y.

copyright drew y.

2 Responses to “Lesson Learned”

  1. matt says on :

    Geez Drew, did you throw your GPS off the cliff or what? That final profile looks kinda steep!

  2. Drew says on :

    Yep. I pretty much rolled off the hill…lol