Rattle Torches & Trophies

Jo photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Thursday found many familiar faces and several future TNABers racing up and down the Ledges in the last bit of summer sun we may see for some time.┬áThe 2013 Season of TNAB culminated in a feast by headlamp at Rattlesnake Lake and shiny gold trophies for all.┬áBut the pie and whiskey weren’t the only things passing around our merry band of trailmates last night. Torches were handed (awarded, thrust upon, tossed?) to some new additions to our Non-Leading Torch Team: WxMan Matt and John Moosefish. Welcome gentlemen, you’ll get your keys to the kingdom in the form of log-ins shortly.

But before we start contemplating moon lit Lunatiques and snowshoe clad boots, I’d like to take a moment to thank both EWB Eric and Steve Yukon for their dedication and participation in making many years of TNAB adventures such a success. Beyond the trip planning, the road checking, the map scouring and WDOT watching, both of these men fostered a sense of enthusiasm and commitment to Thursday nights in the mountains come rain or rain and sleet with a spot of sun to light up the rain. Each of them brought to the process experience and skill that will be missed, but we hope to never lose their laughter and smiles atop TNAB peaks. And though they don’t know it yet, there will be further negotiations to continue the Yukon Jack and poetry supply.

So we head into the Fall, a strong crew of good folks ready to hit the path by moon beam or head lamp stream with a wonderful season under our now tighter belts (thanks to everyone who contributed to the overflowing table of food). Can’t wait to see you all there, Jo of the Torch Team

Yukon photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

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