Mosey With The Mozzies

How it started:

This week’s TNAB will be of unconventional variety; choose your adventure (CYA).  We’ll be heading for the Rocky Run TH and up toward Lake Lillian and points beyond starting a tad on the early side (5:30pm) to allot for the longer ventures.  Suggested TNAB targets for the night:

1. Alta Mountain (Challenging, 5:30pm start time advised)
2. Rampart Lakes (Moderate, with swimming options possible)
3. Rampart Ridge (Moderate, its the destination focus for later this month too)
4. Dungeon Peak (Challenging, was the original plan, but the climb is very brushy and nav difficult; not advised in current conditions)
5. Lake Lillian (Easiest, swimming and socializing)

For folks attempting Alta, a 5:30pm start is probably best.  The others can easily be done starting at 6:00pm.  Take pictures, have an adventure, and lets all meet at the Pour House afterward to exchange stories!
See you all on the trail! ~WxMan & The Torch Team

How it finished:

Moosefish photo above used with permission, please respect all copyrights

Scott L photo used with permission, please respect all copyrights

4 Responses to “Mosey With The Mozzies”

  1. Erik Levy says on :

    Nice photos…So,you have a young TNABer now

  2. Dustin Ross says on :

    I was told about your group by someone I passed on my way down Mailbox Peak this morning, but I can’t decipher your site to see where you will be hiking this Thursday. Can someone please let me know, I am very interested in joining you this week.

  3. Curt Pliler says on :

    Same as Dustin, I met a TNAB member on a hike and he invited me to play along. Sounds like fun, but I can’t figure out where on the site the next hike is announced. Please fill me in. My dog and I would love to participate. Thanks!

  4. Jo says on :

    Due to past problems with trailhead car break-ins we no longer publish our destination schedule on the web. I’ll get information out to you by email so you can join us for a sunset on a summit this season. ~Jo & the Torch Team