Who We Are

TNAB Founder Matt

TNAB Founder Matt originally answered these question and his answers remain accurate to this day:

TNAB definition: An absolutely random group of folks who converge at 5:45 pm every Thursday during DST, utter the secret pass-phrase (You ready to Hike?) and the ultra-secret response (Yeah!!) and head for the hill-o-the-week, chosen by the group (dis)organizer (who is not the group leader for there is none) and re-appear again 4-6 hours later, quite a bit dirtier, tired and much refreshed.

Q: About the name….. ?
A: Well, we just started as “Thursday Night After-Workers” but that’s pretty lame as far as names go, and TNAW is a lousy acronym. I’m an aerospace engineer so I thought afterburners would be a cool name. In case you don’t know, the afterburner is that part of a military jet which makes lots of noise and cool flames and is good for going up very very fast. Since my hiking pace has been described as anywhere between “brisk” and “insane” I thought afterburners might be appropriate. (although TNAB doesn’t score many acronym points either, not even on a tripple word score).

Q: Do you ever *gasp* slow *pant* down??
A: No.

Q:Why don’t the hikes start earlier so they can end in the daylight?
A:We have flashlights and we know how to use them. Also, most of us are actually trying to keep our jobs.

Q: What equipment do I need to bring with me?
A: Essential: sturdy hiking boots, water and a snack for the top.
A: Highly recommended: gators, bug repellent, wind breaker, long sleeve shirt.
A: Extras: Camera, FRS radio set to Channel 5, Code 5

Q: How long are most hikes? What time do you get back?
A:Most hikes are on the order of 3000-4000 ft of elevation gain, and 6-9 miles round trip. In order to keep return times reasonable we have adopted a “2 hour turn around” policy. People are expected to hike up for no more than 2 hours, take a break and then head down. Faster people will summit, slower people will not. This generally keeps the hike to no more than 4 hours, which, since we usually actually start hiking at 6, puts us back at the trailhead at 10, and Eastgate at 10:30 – 11 depending on how far out the drive.

Q: How do you know when it’s time to turn back?
A: There’s this whistling noise and your internal organs start lighting up in a pretty red color. Or maybe that’s just the usual side-affects association with hiking in afterburner

Q:What’s that peak over there?
A:Granite Mountain

Q:Have we done that one yet?
A:Next week.

Q:Oooh cool! It’s Mount Rainier!
A:Week after next.