How To

How to get prepared:

* Read the trip reports from the previous seasons of TNAB, they will give you insight into both the physical & social aspects of our loose knit hiking style and the trails, tribulations & triumphs  you may encounter. If you choose to opt-in to our weekly email, please include questions with your request in case we can clarify something you’ve seen here.

* We won’t belabor the 1o Essentials because if you don’t know them then you probably aren’t prone to fast climbing at night anyway. We will recommend that you be prepared to move quickly and adjust for changes in the weather, so please pack wisely!

* Hike, hike, hike. Come on, you know you want to anyway, so why not push yourself so that you have the extra speed that it takes to make a summit before sunset? Fitness is always an asset!

How to participate:

* There is not a role call since we are just folks out on a trail, on a Thursday, in the evening. So while you are free to shoot an email saying “I’ll be there!” so that someone may recognize you at the trail head, there is no need for confirming or canceling.

* There is also no WAIT in TNAB (most likely because there is no space in the acronym for a W) so if you are not sure if the pace will be right for you try bringing a pace partner along for your first outing. Always be prepared to navigate the trail on your own if you should fall behind, need to turn back or are soo quick that you race ahead of the pack (maybe it could happen).

* On many nights we find that post hike celebrating is in order and will find our way to the pub for food and fun. If you have time & the night owl genetics to stay out late, bring a comfy pair of shoes and your wallet.

How to use this site:

* Maps, GPS coordinates, trailhead driving directions & NOAA weather will be available through direct links in the weekly email. This information is meant to supplement your own preparation for any hike that you would like to participate in.

* We have some technical disclaimer jargon below and remember the motto is “Only YOU are in charge of YOU, so please take the best care of YOU possible”.

Neither contributors to nor participants in TNAB accept any liability for accidents or injuries in connection with maps, trail reports or road conditions published on this blog. The reports provide updated information on trails we visit and readers are cautioned to supplement the reports with other sources of information when planning their trip. As always the reader should remain aware that conditions are subject to change, errors in reporting may occur and that certain hazards are inherent in back country travel.